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iNurse Staff provides strategic recruiting services to US and international companies. From emerging-growth companies to the Fortune 50; we focus on providing elite, top-performing personnel within the specialized industries we serve.

Welcome to our About Us page.  As a registered nurse here at iNurse Staff we would like to be the voice that represents our fellow colleagues no matter what speciality of nursing you’re in. Right out of high school in 1996 I began working in the healthcare field as a Medical Assistant. I worked as a MA for about six years. Ten years later, August 2006 I moved from Florida to Arizona where I registered to attend Central Arizona College, taking their core classes for their registered nursing program. One of the most exhilarating days for me, was going to my mailbox and receiving my acceptance letter. Graduation came before I knew it. Next up,was to pass my NCLEX!! If you’re reading this, I’m sure you are an exceptional nurse; congratulations, you’ve come to an exceptional agency that knows your worth and hard work. We know that your passion is creating a healing atmosphere and uplifting the spirits of your patients, and comforting their families. This makes you an AMAZING NURSE! Here at iNurse Staff we look forward to working with nurses just like you.

As Nurses we face many adversities with high patient nurse ratio, long hours of standing on our feet, medications not readily available, exposure to many different illnesses, and isolation precautions. We take the risk and sacrifice ourselves for the good of others. Though, I have transitioned into the staffing and recruiting world, I know that there are many different specialities of nursing.  As I have worked as a staff nurse, traveler, charge nurse, and ADON,

I know the struggles all to well, as do my colleagues that are Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Assistant Directors of Nursing, Directors of Nursing and more. For this very reason it’s my passion to be the voice that represents you when it comes to staffing, recruiting and direct placement.  iNurse Staff will search and build relationships that will enhance your career and your purpose. iNurse Staff is JUST FOR YOU!

You Can Start A New Journey Today With iNurse Staff

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What Services Do You Offer?

Nurse Direct Hire Talent Search & Placement

Are you ready for a career upgrade? Have you decided that “enough is ENOUGH” – Is it time to hire more quality nurses? Then our Nurse Direct Hire Talent Search & Placement solutions would be a perfect match for you.

Healthcare Executive Search

Are you ready for a career upgrade? Have you decided that “enough is ENOUGH” – Is it time to hire more quality nurses? Then our Nurse Direct Hire Talent Search & Placement solutions would be a perfect match for you.

Learn More About How iNurse Staff Can Assist You Today

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Who Do We Service?

iNurse Staff is committed to serving the healthcare industry of all facets with AMAZING talent and building relationships with both the client and candidate to create and connect the two parties that will enhance the growth of everyone involved for the betterment of the healthcare team.

We Place Registered Nurses,  DONs, Nurse Practitioners, and CRNAs within the following types of facilities:

Hospital-Based Transitional Care Units (TCUs) & Subacutes

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Assisted Living Communities

Memory Care Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Home Health & Hospice Agencies

Consulting Companies

Health Clinics

Other Allied Professions

Opportunity Comes To Those Who Create It! Learn More:

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What Positions Do We Fill?

Need to hire Registered Nurses, DONs, Nurse Practitioners, or AWESOME CRNAs?

Registered Nurses


Nurse Practitioners


If by some chance, you hold the role of one of the above positions, WE WANT TO MEET YOU! Here at iNurse Staff, we’re nurses so you can only imagine that we’re passionate about assisting amazing nurses, JUST LIKE YOU, with your next full-time or executive career search.

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